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    Professional Instruction

    Extra Innings offers year-round professional baseball and softball instruction.

    Team up with one of our instructors on a regular basis to get the most out of your training! Using a uniform step-by-step teaching system, our instructors encourage positive progress even outside the facility. All instructors at Extra Innings Las Vegas come with an extensive baseball or softball background.

    Extra Innings offers private and group lessons for:

    • Pitching
    • Hitting
    • Throwing
    • Fielding
    • Catching
    • Base Running
    Baseball & Softball Instruction | Extra Innings Las Vegas

    Whether they are former or current professional players, college all-stars, or high school or college coaches, Extra Innings Las Vegas offers serious professional instruction! For players looking to work with an instructor on a regular basis, check out our Lesson Packs and MVP Membership for savings.


    Half Hour - $55 | MVP - $40
    Full Hour - $100 | MVP - $70

    Hitting instructors at Extra Innings work with players to improve their hitting mechanics. Our instructors teach the finer points of hitting and players practice them through drills that cover balance, stance, approach, point of contact and follow through.


    Half Hour - $55 | MVP - $40
    Full Hour - $100 | MVP - $70

    Pitching instructors at Extra Innings teach players proper pitching mechanics to increase velocity and prevent injury. Topics covered through instruction and drills include the basics of throwing, balance, body control, stride, release point and follow through.


    Half Hour - $55 | MVP - $40
    Full Hour - $100 | MVP - $70

    Fielding instructors at Extra Innings teach players the drills and skills necessary to improve their defensive games. Learn the proper mechanics of the fielding stance, footwork, balance and the importance of using 2 hands, along with proper throwing techniques.

    Team Lessons5 or more students

    In Two Tunnels
      Full Hour - $200

    Group Lessons2 - 4 students

      Half Hour - $32 each | MVP - $25 each
      Full Hour - $44 each | MVP - $35 each

    Lesson Packs

    Lessons Packs can be used for one-on-one lessons in any of the baseball or softball skill areas; hitting, fielding, pitching, throwing or catching! Now ball players can work with a professional trainer on a weekly basis to improve their skills at a very affordable price!

    Extra Innings Las Vegas offers the following packages for players who are serious about improving their skills, and want to save money while working with a trainer on weekly basis.

    6 Session - Lesson Pack

    30 Minute Lessons

    $255 | MVP $200


    60 Minute Lessons

    $495 | MVP $360


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