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    Alyssa Ayers

    Alyssa Ayers

    Softball Instructor

    Alyssa is a Las Vegas native who has been playing the game since she was 5 years old. She started high school at Henderson International and won a State Championship there. She then transferred to Coronado High school where she was recognized First Team All Conference, and First Team All State. She was chosen to represent USA Athletes International taking her talents overseas to Australia, Italy, and Aruba. She returned to her alma mater to be the assistant coach of the JV team and then the following year as the head coach of the JV team finishing with a record of 13-2. Alyssa specializes in teaching left handed slapping and defense training but is not limited to that. She is also available to train pitching, catching, and all other phases of the game. Alyssa is eager to pass on her fundamental knowledge and love for the game.

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